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We at Delhi Public School, Gajraula firmly believe that it takes a village to raise a child who is confident, healthy, responsible and morally strong. This village starts with the network formed by parents, teachers and administrators who work together to support and nurture the child. A strong school- parent relationship is paramount to the student's success at school, and his/her life ahead. A good relationship between these two important agencies can significantly impact each student's long term success. Given below are a few guidelines for the parents to follow. These guidelines will help the parents understand the rules of the school and provide a vital support system to the school in achieving the common goal, that is , the overall development of the students.
  1. Parents are requested to personally see off and receive their ward at the bus stop (especially classes Nursery to fifth).
  2. Please ensure that your ward reaches the school well in time. In no case the child will be allowed to reach the school in the alternate shift.
  3. Kindly do not enter the school vehicles to see off and receive your ward.
  4. Parents are not allowed to direct their children to the seat in the school vehicles as it is the discretion of the bus incharge.
  5. Please do not overtake or stop the school vehicle to facilitate the boarding of your ward, as it endangers the safety of the children in the school vehicle.
  6. Please do not get into any arguments with the teachers, conductor or driver present in the school vehicle. In case of a problem, please give a written complaint to the school office.
  1. The school happily grants 20% leave to the students. Further considering their academic and overall growth as of paramount importance, maintaining an attendance record of at least 80% is mandatory during the academic session, failing which the student will not be permitted to appear in the end of term examination.
  2. Please ensure that your ward joins the school on the notified date of the beginning of the terms and after each vacation. Parents need to plan accordingly.
  3. Parents must ensure that their ward attends all the tests/exams and avoids missing the school. In case of the absence of the child on medical grounds, a certified medical document should be produced.
  4. It is MANDATORY for all the parents to attend the PTMs on regular basis in order to know the progress of their ward.
  5. The child will not be allowed to attend the classes without presenting the leave application duly signed by parents, if he/she was absent on the previous day. Parents should fill up the 'Record of Non-Attendance' given in the Almanac for each day the student is absent from the school, stating the reasons for the same.
  6. Parents are requested not to send sick children to school for attending classes. It is inconvenient to send them back.

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