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Any act of indiscipline by the student/s will invoke strict disciplinary action against the defaulter(s). He / She will have to face discipline committee who will decide the appropriate action as deemed fit. The school has a system of issuing warning cards to the defaulters as per the details given below:

BLUE CARD: A Blue Card will be issued (for a week) in the following cases:

  • Weak performance in academics.
  • Careless or untidy work.
  • Late submission of assignment/library books.

After observing the student during the tenure of punishment, the concerned teacher(s) will remark on his/her attentiveness or improvement. If the progress is satisfactory, the blue card will be discontinued; otherwise its period will be extended further for a week.

Failure to show any improvement even after two weeks of punishment will lead to the issuance of YELLOW CARD.

Yellow Card: A yellow card will be issued (for a week) in the following cases:

  • Poor conduct in the school campus or the school transport.
  • No improvement after the issuance of two successive blue cards.
  • The Yellow card holder will not be allowed to attend any school programmes, picnics, excursions or to avail the canteen facility.
  • Failure to show any improvement even after the issuance of Yellow Card may lead to the under mentioned disciplinary measures:

    Step 1: Detention during break.

    Step II: Suspension from school for a week.

    Step III: Issuance of Red Card.


  • A Red Card will be issued in case of non compliance of the conditions of the Yellow Card.
    • It may be directly issued to the student who is found indulged in an extreme fight case, abusing, man handling, life threatening activities, inclusive of intoxication and unethical cyber activities.

If a red card is issued to a student the school reserves the right to take any extreme action against the student.

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